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Forwarding Multiple Email on single click – Simple Hack of 2020


If you are a daily email user then it might be very much difficult task to do read and email and extract the main information from which and then send it to the other people email. Sound time consuming… Hey, there every one I am Admin of stockrefix.com and today I am going to share with you an amazing method that can not only save your time but also I will make your processing superfast and exciting. You would be able to do this in the matter of seconds. Sound Good? Thanks Lets Get Started.

 Forward Multiple Email Using Gmail

You are all well aware of the Gmail. Almost 9 out of ten Mobile users are using Gmail as the basic medium for emailing each other. Why most people use this Its because

  • Its Free (Upto 15GB)
  • Its Secure
  • Fast & Efficient
  • Easy to handle
  • User Friendly

That all the points, I know you already know that but most of you didn’t know How to Forward Multiple Emails Using Gmail.  I Believe after reading this article you will never be using typing and then retyping the email address again. This Hack will Make this process very efficient and faster than ever and I am quite sure you needed that.

Cloud HQ Extension Link

So The First thing you need to do is to Download the Extension named “Cloud HQ” Download it and install it on your browser, don’t allow this extension in incognito mode that’s a trick plus most of the people don’t open Gmail in incognito mode. Fair Enough? After you have install it on your browser you will see screen like this and you just need to

Forwarding Multiple Email

Now Close the Gmail tab and Re open the tab again. You will See the screen like above but here is the important part, After picking the important email address you can use the Multiple Email Option in the screen You can take upto 100 emails. That cool and Effective. I am sure you didn’t know about this but hey friends no need to be worried I am here for your help So Chill Guys. Here Take another look of the forward button. Once more thing email forwarding also depends on the speed of your mobile or wifi connection. If you want to know the difference between 4G and 5G

forward emails

After Clicking on the arrow link you will have a drop down menu on which you can select according to your need.

I Hope that you will like article and I am sure that this article will be the source of great information for you and keep it sharing with your friends it gives to more strength to bring latest and new tricks to make your working load life easier and comfortable. Thank you for reading this.



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