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Best Ways to Increase your computer Performance

Increase your computer Performance


So you are facing the slow PC Problem hm? Well If yes, then this is the ultimate guide for you to “How to fast up pc speed” Well this is getting a common problem these days as our data access has increased. Having Slow Pc is a very irritation problem but there are so many ways through which you can speed up your pc and have a super fast computer.

Note. If you are having an older version of pc then you may stick to that problem. So Upgrade your pc with new technology is the most common solution.But If you have a new version of the computer and still facing the Slow pc problem then this article is especially for you.

Hack Ways to boost your pc speed

Increase your computer Performance

1-Restarting your Computer

Well, this looks very boring and simple but believe me this might be the end of your slow pc problem. Close all your running applications in task manager and restart your pc, that’s it when your pc successfully restarted then it will have a definitely speedy performance.

2-Make Sure You don’t have Virus in Your PC

Having viruses in your computer is the most prominent point to slow pc problem. If you are not much familiar with the viruses then it might be a problem but you can get info about viruses on Wikipedia.

So How are doing going to get rid of this problem? The solution is simple to install anti-virus in your pc. There are tons of different anti-viruses on the internet. You can install one of them but I suggest you install two different anti-viruses in your pc if you have enough space and RAM ratio. I am personally using this trick on my pc.

Once you have installed anti-virus software on your pc, run a complete scan remove the infected file and then restart your pc. Hopefully, your pc speed will enhance.

3-Check PC Over Heating Issue

This might not look a problem but it’s a genuine cause of having a slow pc. Monitor your pc temperature. If you wanted software for this problem then you can download Core temp for this and it will monitor your pc temperature.

A solution to this problem is to install cooling paste on your CPU and it helps your computer to keep your pc temperature in working state.

4-Disable Windows Visual Effects

It has been proven that disabling windows visual effects increases your pc performance. If you don’t know how to disable it then follow me.

Go the windows button and type “Visual effect” then click on “Adjust for Best Performance” and click “ok”

5-Fix Hard drive Errors

If you have a corrupted hard drive or some part of it is corrupted then it can also cause an issue in your pc performance so check your hard drive and uninstall an unwanted program from it. To check your hard drive Open My computer Properties the go-to tools and then click the check button. If any error found windows will show you a message

6-Fix Memory Errors

The most and prominent point in slowing your pc is a memory error. If you don’t know how to find the memory error the let me guide you. Click on Windows+r and then type in mdsched.exe  and then your computer will restart and finds the memory errors and if any error occurs it will identify it and then you can restart your computer and hope that your pc will boost up in speed.

7-Updating your Windows Driver

You and everybody know that you must have drivers to keep your computer work properly. If you don’t install the driver properly then it can cause to slow pc or If you installed the driver but forget to update them, then it can also cause of slowing your pc.

So make sure you have updated your drivers regularly.

8-Upgrade Your Computer

Well, everybody likes to have the latest computer in their use. If you already have a computer you simply need to upgrade to your requirements. Having outdated technology can cause slow pc, so this upgrading has the following things which make your pc run faster.

  • Add More and More RAM.
  • Move from hard disk to SSD.
  • Buy New CPU or processor.
  • Get a Gaming or Graphics Card.

9-Install Your Windows Again

I hate to this step but it has proven to enhance the speed of your pc. There are major chances that you have not installed windows properly and that might be the cause of having slow pc. So make sure to follow above 8 hacks… but if all the things fail this will surely increase your pc speed.

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